The aim of this project is to create a channel of communication between geriatric institutions and the relatives of residents.

How it started

In April 2014 we found that communication with families in geriatric institutions left much to be desired, so we started interviewing professionals from the field. When they explained that they saw an important lack of active involvement by relatives, we immediately realised that this project was going to be a key consideration for them. We also interviewed the relatives of residents and discovered that they were relatively uninformed about the daily activities in the geriatric centres. So from these interviews we realised that our App would also improve the way the families see these centres and generate greater confidence in the professionals who take care of their relatives.

The outcome

After months of work we developed the first version of GerApp which allows any geriatric centre to keep families of residents easily informed about: - materials needed
- monitoring health status
- documents required for administrative needs
- leisure activities or events (trips, workshops, and so on)
- daily menu
- pin board
Since the centre shares this information on a continual basis, it is always available to relatives on their devices and it can be consulted at any time in an intuitive and systematic manner.

The Future

Obviously this is just the beginning. STD projects are constantly evolving, which is why we are already working on new functions and enhancing those already in operation. We continue to follow the same policy: we listen to professionals and families, because they are the ones who know best what they need.