Iphone Empresa

STD is a group of companies and professionals from various areas: essentially software development, marketing and finance. Our founding principle was to develop projects that respond to the communication needs of certain institutions.


At STD we develop mobile applications for specialized communications. Our efforts focus

on identifying how to enhance communication in institutions, and then developing projects to meet their needs.


Smartphones have been around for over a decade and we store up all manner of information on them: what my friends are doing, the weather

, and so on. Yet surprisingly, there is a good deal of key information not available at the moment on our mobiles which would give us peace of mind. Our goal is to create an environment so that certain institutions can send you the information you want, simply and securely and readily

available in your pocket at any time.


You can find our projects in many countries, mainly in Europe and America. But the answer to the question “Where do you want us to be?” is simple: on your device.