The Bynapp project provides a simple, intuitive and secure channel of communication between schools and parents.

How it started

We began working on this project in October 2013 by listening to many parents talking about the need for better access to their children’s school communication channels. They told us about lost e-mails because of spam, intranets which were not Smartphone friendly and several other reasons which prompted us to go ahead with this project. But these were not the only determining factors: we organised interviews with teachers and headmasters/headmistresses. That was when we were able to see the specific needs of the schools as well. But there was one final reason why we wanted to continue working on this project: the environmental cost. From interviews with heads of schools we discovered how much paper was being used to send notifications to parents, and after studying this further we calculated that, for a medium-sized school, the savings in paper used to write to parents was to 37 trees.

The outcome

The first version of Bynapp has already fulfilled the project’s initial objectives, and allows schools to share the following information with parents: - day-to-day updates about students
- scheduled activities: hiking, holidays, etc.
- exams, handing in work
- parent / teacher meetings
All this information can be sent to parents in real time, who can access it at any time in an organised and intuitive manner on their devices.

The Future

Obviously this does not stop here - STD projects are always on-going. At present we are working with professionals from the field, covering over a thousand schools in different countries with the aim of developing new features that further enhance Bynapp.