2019-06-11 11:09:01 Beauty Tricks For Black Ladies

Beauty Tricks For Black Ladies

Beauty Tricks For Black Ladies

Speaking as a single woman my sister/friend said to me the other day, "You know I have truly learned to love myself; I have learned to be happy with me!" A little surprised at her statement which at the time seemed to come out of the blue, as she continued on it became abundantly clear (and much to my pleasure I might add) that what she had to say held true for me as well.

Blacks were incensed when Bill Cosby spoke the truth, harsh and candid as it was, about the state of Blacks in America. He cited lack of parental control, drug addiction, teen pregnancy. He urged young black men to pull up their pants and learn a useful skill. He challenged young white and black dating sites to spend more time on what goes in their heads than what is put on them. We were urged to take care of ourselves, our parents and our communities. The result was a bunch of black people upset with Bill Cosby. He had aired our dirty laundry. It was fine when we knew that we were a dysfunctional culture. It's just not our way to tell everyone about it.

Rosa Parks showed the dichotomy of being both a woman and a black woman. Rosa knew what it was like to serve a man and she also knew what it was to serve another woman. Rosa worked for white women as a domestic in her life time as well. Just as women were not equal to men, black women were not treated as equals to white women either. Call it a throwback from the days of slavery and you would be right; but, it also showed class distinction.

If you live in different time zones, communication can be a bit tricky. Do the math and find the hours that are convenient for both of you. If it is 10 in the morning in your time zone and 10 in the evening in your girlfriend's, don't be upset if she is holding a glass of wine in her hand. Your day might be just starting, but hers is ending and she deserves to relax. Of course, she should also be understanding if you haven't had your cup of coffee yet and are not that talkative. It takes some practice, but you will figure out a couple of hours per day that work equally well for both of you. And even if your schedules are crazy, you can stick to e-mails during the week and have longer webcam calls during the weekend.

A Black Woman's Smile By Ty Gray-El is a beautiful poem delivered in spoken word. The poem has been attached to this article as a video, is less than 6 minutes and can be viewed by scrolling down until it is revealed on the left panel of this article.

Whatever the result is, Black women have been loyal to our white women black men dating site in the hopes that they will reciprocate the same action. And, well, some do not.

Nonetheless, word on the street is that there are a few cross-cultural snafus that may block your WM-BW hook up from being as smooth as possible. To that end I offer The White Guy's Guide to Dating Black Women: A Primer. And then don't forget to check out the fun video below for Interracial Dating Snafus.

Mount Vernon will be offering a special edition of its popular National Treasure Tour, from January 14 to January 23 at 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 2:30 p.m. The National Treasure Tour combines Hollywood and history, giving visitors stories about the filming and also information on how the locations were used during George Washington's time. This special tour is limited to 25 visitors per time slot and costs $5 per tour in addition to Estate admission.

We all see that many of famous black men no longer date black women. We can take Lamar Odom for example. He has been with a black woman for 12 years, has three kids with her, but never married her. He then dated an Armenian girl, Khloe Kardashian, and married her in a month. Maybe they truly are soul mates, but I have a problem with a man that can't marry his baby's mother that he was with for twelve years, but he can marry his new girlfriend after thirty days. It just doesn't make sense.

Therefore, whether Black women with natural hair decide to focus on their "fros, locks or dreds" or get their hair "fried, dyed and laid to the side," it really is about what they feel about themselves inside and projecting that confidence - with whatever hairstyle that works for them - to the world around them. Clearly, the brothers agree.